Benefits of being an Affiliate Church:


     · Spiritual Covering by our Presiding Bishop, Dr. James C. Richardson, Sr. and entire leadership of the A.C.C.G.

     · Fellowship with Pastors across the country.

     · Opportunity to be a part of a body of Believers that is family oriented and display the biblical unity among Christian Believers as one Body in Christ.

     · And many, many more benefits to follow that will be shown through the Agape Love of God for Kingdom building.

Steps to becoming An Affiliate:

"Any established church, groups of churches and/or religious bodies desiring to affiliate with the Apostle Church Of Christ In God"

ONE: Make application to the Executive Board.

(Newly developed congregations can also make application to the Executive Board.  Until new groups are recognized as churches, said congregations shall be designated as missions.)


TWO: Be ready to meet with the leadership of the A.C.C.G. to discuss membership and organizational duties.


THREE: Make commitment for yourself (leadership), your church, ministry or fellowship to be in agreement to the A.C.C.G Organizational Rules & Regulations.

FOUR: You will receive an official acceptance of membership into the A.C.C.G. and induction will take place at the annual Holy Convocation.