National Missionary Department Purpose:

    1.  To work harmoniously with the missionaries of local churches of the Apostle Church Of Christ In God toward building a stronger relationship.

    2.  To expand the missionary work through biblical teaching, rendering of services to the destitute, and spiritual growth.

National Women's Council Purpose:

    1.  To promote, aid, and be an avenue for all ministries to females in the ACCG.  The focus shall be ministry to women who are not missionaries.  However,
         missionaries can and
are expected to participate in the Women's Council.

    2.  To develop, implement, evaluate and review programs that are germane to women in particular and all females in general in the ACCG.

    3.  To assist with the creation and development of a Women's Council in each affiliated church of the ACCG.

    4.  To assume other responsibilities as assigned by the Presiding Bishop and the ACCG Executive Board.